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VIP Private LTC Classes in Frisco, TX 

Not everyone wants to be in a class with people they don’t know. For those people who want to gain their LTC, carry, and train with discression. We offer VIP Firearm Training courses from a few of the best trainers in the United States.

Texas License to Carry Class

This one-on-one instruction will take between 4 to 6 hours depending on your needs.  Our VIP course is approved by Texas DPS and is needed to get your License to Carry in Texas.

Training and Range Time

We have access to a private indoor firearm range in Frisco, TX where we can meet after hours so it is just you, our instructor, and the range. 


Discression is important. Other than what is required by the State for our records we will not disclose your information.

Our exclusive clientele travel from around the United States and represent multiple industries.

“When you work with highly successful, high-profile people, there’s a saying you live by or you won’t be in that world for long: those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk. I don’t talk.” – Relentless

Discression is why you don’t see names and logos.

Major Sports Organization’s Players & Coaches
Small Business & Corporations Leadership
Fortune 500 Leadership and Upper Management
Religious Leaders and Safety Teams
Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance Leadership and Professionals

Proof is Important

“My clients have enough exposure in their lives; they have to know that what we do in their private training belongs to them. If I don’t have their complete trust, nothing gets done.” – Relentless

Individuals trained

companies and SPORTS TEAMS represented

names shared

For those who want a customized LTC experience

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Firearms Legal Protection

Own, Train, and Carry with the Best Legal Protection

Join us and protect yourself and your family now!

When you train with the best you want to be sure you have the best legal defense should you ever have to use your firearm in self-defense. Which is why we have partnered with Firearms Legal Protection.

Individual Basic

• Uncapped attorney fees for
• Defense of criminal cases
• Defense of civil suits
• Applicable for all legal weapons
• Extreme risk protection order (Red Flag Laws)
• 24/7 Emergency attorney answered hotline
• Local, criminal defense attorneys

Individual Premium

All Individual Basic Benefits Plus:
• Benefits in all 50 States
• Bail bond protection up to $250,000
• Expert witness / investigator fees
• Incident scene clean-up
• Counseling support
• Lost wages reimbursement
• Firearms confiscation payment
• Access to “MY FLP” mobile app

Family Premium

All Individual Premium Benefits Plus:
• Benefits for spouse
• Benefits for all minors*